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How To Create A Facebook Ad For Your Business

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

How To Create A Facebook Ad For Your Business

So you have a business and now you want to get the word out. Facebook is easily the largest social media platform on the planet. There are 2.6 billion active users in the first quarter of 2020. Their ad platform is of the highest quality and allows for some seriously detailed targeting. You are able to target people by location, interests, demographics and so much more. Facebook owns Instagram as well and you can easily run ads on both platforms all in Facebook Ads Manager.

Before you run a Facebook ad for your business you need to have a Facebook business page. Once you have a page you want to advertise for you will want to make your way over to Facebook Ads Manager. You can either Google search for it or you can find it on the lefthand side of your personal Facebook feed. When you are inside of the ad manger you will want to click the green button the says "create" You then must decide what are you trying to do for your business. Are you looking for brand awareness, website traffic, leads, or conversions?

Facebook campaign ad objective

For the rest of this guide lets assume you are a brand new restaurant and are looking to let your local community know you are open for business. You would want to select "brand awareness" as this would reach the most amount of people for the lowest cost. Now that you have your objective selected you will move to the ad set. This is where you will choose your target market. This is a very important part of your overall campaign because it doesn't matter what your ad says if you are targeting the wrong area or people. If you have a family restaurant you could target parents with children. Parents are always looking for good places to eat that are child friendly. Depending on your location you will want to select a smaller or larger mile radius for your ad to be shown.

Facebook ad targeting in ads manager

Now that we have selected our target audience we will go to the ad section of the campaign. This is where you get to be truly creative. Do you have a talent for writing ad copy that captures the attention of users? Maybe you were a photographer in a past life and you take killer photographs. Even if you aren't super creative but still need images, there are websites like Pexels or Pixabay that offer premium royalty free images.

How to create Facebook ads Akron Ohio

Not only does the ad need to be eye catching but it needs to motivate the user to act on what they are seeing. You could show them a high quality image of your best selling dinner. You can then include in the copy that kids under the age of 4 eat for free. This approach would work because you selected a meal that people are likely to enjoy and you know they are a parent of a child. So you are playing on the fact they would like your food and that they can save money because their kid eats for free. Alternatively you are able to put a coupon in the ad. That way you can track the success of the campaign. When running digital marketing campaigns your analytics are everything. You need to then optimize your campaign based on what is performing the best.

Social media marketing can be very complicated but our team is here to help. We have over 5 years of experience and have spent millions in advertising. We know how to get results. We will work with you to understand your company's goals and create a campaign that is custom to your business. Contact us here.

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