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About Us

Why We Started UpGrowth Media

UpGrowth Media was created to fill a gap in the marketing industry. Most agencies will take on small and medium-sized business clients but do not give them the time and effort they deserve. These businesses are the backbone of America and we want to help make the business owners dreams come true. When you first started your business you envisioned massive success and making your business a household name. We understand the difficulties of running a business because we are business owners just like you. We believe that if you focus on what you do best and partner with the right people anything is possible.

Derek Cook president of UpGrowth Media

"We are here to become the strategic partner your business needs to succeed. Through our team's knowledge of digital marketing and innovative thinking, we can help you achieve your business goals! We are not only passionate about marketing but helping businesses thrive! Discover why other business owners trust UpGrowth Media"

Derek Cook - Owner/President

Passion For Entrepreneurship

My name is Derek and I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My family owned a photography business and film lab for 40+ years. The business was called Ohio Color and I grew up there. Some of my favorite childhood memories were formed there; whether it be sifting through old disposable cameras to find one that had a remaining film to take funny pictures or playing Oregon Trail in the back room when things were busy. I saw the highs and lows of running a business and only being a teenager at the time, there wasn't much for me to do when the business failed. 

I never want the people of a company to know what that feels like. I use that as fuel to help push forward and make other businesses successful. This is a true passion for wanting your business to be great and I hope that we get to work together and build a partnership. Whether you are a small business owner or a multi-million dollar business we have the experience to help meet and exceed your business goals.


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