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Paid search marketing Akron Ohio

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising on Google allows your business to be discovered by people who are actively searching for products and services. Whether you have been advertising on Google or have never advertised online before, we can help! Paid search advertising is a very profitable form of marketing. It is very efficient because people are already searching for your services which means they have a high intent to purchase. Before building your paid search marketing campaign we will sit down with you to learn about your business and your goals. Understanding your goals will allow us to create a more effective campaign. We will work with you to create the right message and bid on the correct keywords to drive the correct people to your business.

Creating and Managing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

When creating search engine marketing campaigns we conduct keyword research for highly targeted keywords and phrases that relate to your business. That ensures we are driving relevant traffic to your business. We will write ad copy that grabs the attention of people searching on Google and have call to action that aligns with your goals. 

During the course of the campaign we will be monitoring the performance of each ad and the variety of keywords we are targeting. We will continue to add new versions of ad copy to optimize the campaign and increase sales. We will provide you with reporting that highlights the KPI's.

Pay per click advertising Akron Ohio
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